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Yesterday I sat on the deck and composed a blog offline in a Word app then we walked to our local pub and I uploaded it. The pub is within easy walking distance, is friendly and has a shop next door that sells a good range of food including fresh fruit and veg. I am delighted about all this.
Not only that, I composed my blog whilst my husband was doing things on the boat, and then he did a vlog. So we were both able to be creative within a small space. Just like I was able to do yoga in the narrow strip of space in the kitchen last night whilst he quietly listened to a rave documentary in the living area. I don’t need a yoga studio or even a spare room. It’s not about space, it’s us.
More challenges this morning, after a patchy shower but then luxurious washing up using hot water from the tap, and lots of hand washing (laundry) the water ran out just as I was rinsing my clothes. We still couldn’t get the water tank to fill up, and then I dropped the tap in the canal. I’ve already lost a phone in there; I am not quite orientated to life on the water yet. I am grateful to my husband for not getting angry, in fact he seemed very upbeat about it. Our neighbour supplied parts to make a new connection, and at last we have a full tank of water. Another neighbour said to me, when talking about the water trouble, ‘There’s always something to do on a boat, it’s a living thing.’
As well as learning how it all works, we’re still finding homes for everything. I have realised that you only need a very few personal items. The boat looks great just as it is, and there’s much less space so a few items really get noticed.
Also, there are very few mirrors. Well there are a few, but they are tucked away, behind the bed, in the shower, inside cupboard doors (handily placed near the front door so as to be able to hastily check one’s appearance if someone comes round). But basically you have to seek them out, and I like that. I’m not brave enough to give up mirrors completely like a friend of a friend has done (she just goes by how she feels) but mirror reduction feels good.
There’s so much to be excited about. We are living in Northamptonshire, a part of England that neither of us knows. We are in the countryside but close to various towns and to the city of Birmingham, which I have never visited properly. We are closer to London. I am also looking forward to making use of trains to go to London and Birmingham. Of course we can also go off on the boat, from going a mile down the canal to a pub and back, to going off for a couple of weeks’ cruising.
Right now though, just being on the boat is enough. Yesterday evening we had a healthy home cooked meal then spent the evening playing cards (Rummy). Last night I was woken up by my new tattoo itching and by me being too hot! The stove is really, really toasty!
Several of our friends are totally confused about what we are doing. Are we waiting for the weather to get warmer before we go off travelling the canals of England? Are we going by narrowboat to India? So for anyone wondering or for anyone who has just started reading this blog, here is a short orientation:
My name is Rachel, I am forty-seven years old. Up until the end of February, I worked as an occupational therapist in secure services. I qualified in 2000, having begun my training in 1997. It is a great profession and I am glad I picked it. However, over recent years I began to wake up and became a strange mixture of bored, stressed and burned out. I felt that I had done all I could and the thought of carrying on for another twenty years was unbearable.
My husband and I began to wonder about what was possible. We played around with the idea of getting a camper van and going around South America or going to live at a healing centre in Mexico. Eventually we settled on travelling in South East Asia for a year. Cue loads of decluttering, mental leaps, awkward conversations, rehoming the cats (sob- they are happy with a relative) and then almost a year after first floating the idea we sold the house.
Along the way we decided to buy a narrowboat to live on when we returned, having got really into the idea of having less stuff and living more simply (and with lower overheads, I don’t want to return to doing such a stressful job again. Occupational Therapy is great by the way, but I was Head of Department, short staffed, under loads of pressure, etc etc.).
The house was sold at the beginning of March, we moved initially into a Travelodge and then onto the boat. We intend to leave for India by the end of March. We just got a text that our visas are ready to collect!

Thank you for reading
Rachel xxx


Growing pains


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So it turns out that escaping the matrix isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. From our moving day being on one of the worst weather and travel conditions for decades to the water pipes springing a leak the first time we tried to have a shower on the boat, we are being tested at every step of the way.
Also, it takes time. It isn’t like just stepping through a portal and here we are in our new world, this is a transition. We are still processing and adjusting, finding our feet. With each new challenge we are growing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary.
Which brings me onto platitudes, fridge magnets and movements. The image is actually a notebook. It is a cute present that I was given by my husband’s work colleagues and obviously I agree with the sentiment. Just like I agree with the minimalism, downsizing and voluntary simplicity movements. I enjoy reading an article in the dentist’s waiting room about someone who gave up a highly paid job in the city to open up an organic teashop as much as the next person.
But what these articles don’t tend to do is tell you how hard it is. Maybe magazines like to maintain a chirpy tone. Maybe the article has been written some time later so that, as with childbirth, the really bad bits have been forgotten.
I am doing this right now and I can tell you, fantastic as it is, it’s also difficult and scary. Having a lump of money and then immediately spending quite a lot of it when we’re not used to having or spending a lot, that’s scary. Moving into the Travelodge with one car in the car park full up with our stuff, and another car left outside the old house, also filled with our stuff, was a bit overwhelming. Having a leak and having to mend a pipe on the boat was stressful. Thinking about what we’re going to do when we get back from India and how will we manage financially (sign up to agencies, make enough to cover expenses, run one car). All of it is both scary and super exciting.
How we handle all the challenges is what is important. To look at it all as an opportunity for growth, and to accept everything as it is rather than hold onto the irrational hope that everything needs to be perfect all the time. We have to hold our nerve, and we have to keep going. That’s the real focus of the moment.
We have regretted a few of the things we got rid of, but no matter. If it was what we needed to do to get us here, then it was worth it. Previously, it was all about breaking down the old life. Now it is about building a new one. As I said before, the blog comes first, but I’m also writing to magazines, submitting work, writing a book with my husband, and generally taking my writing seriously and hoping that it can become part of what I do to earn money in this new world.
Do something your future self would be thankful for, another one of those platitudes. The platitudes and the sayings, they don’t really help, or rather they help as much as a fridge magnet can. They may inspire, but the doing of it, the action, and the dealing with the consequences of those actions, is all you.
What’s really good about living in a small space is that you can see everything all of the time. You don’t sit in one room and have to hold some other rooms in your mind at the same time. It’s all right there, in front of you. I am convinced that this takes up less mental energy and is beneficial.
Oh, and problems with the water meant that I washed my hair a day or two later than I’d have liked, over the sink using kettles. I used Faith in Nature natural shampoo and conditioner as the sink goes straight into the canal. It was a blissful experience and all the next day I couldn’t stop smelling my hair!

Thank you for reading
Rachel xxx

Walking the walk


First day on the narrowboat.  Just looking around, soaking it all in. Each side, each corner, the views from each end.  The details of the boat, the look of our possessions within it.  Even with laundry hanging up.  Especially with laundry hanging up, because that is what it looks like with us living in it.  That means that we are here, that we live here.

We need a new hose attachment to be able to fill the water tank, but no matter, the water tap is only the length of next door’s boat away so it’s easy to fill our empty bottles and use that water for washing up and the loo, and bought water for drinking.  Mind you, the tap water is drinking water so I may not continue being this fussy.  Already I have given up on washing fruit and vegetables and have embraced various other water saving adjustments.  When we have the water tank filled and have water running from the taps, well, that will seem like absolute luxury.

After a very cosy and toasty first night’s sleep, my husband brought me a mug of tea in bed, lit the fire and then went out to buy fuel and to give me a bit if space on my own to nest.  After feeling overwhelmed by stuff for about five minutes, I soon settled in to putting clothes away and generally getting organised.  It was a (relatively) warm, sunny day and we went for a walk along the towpath then went in search of the nearest launderette.  (This was expensive, I am going to try and stick to hand washing.  In the summer we can use the washing machine on the bank but I am not really up for doing that now.)

We hung up the washing to air, then my husband did the washing up and cleaned up the kitchen and I emptied and put away stuff from the numerous bags.  Still more to do, but by the time we had finished it looked a lot better, even with the washing.  I cooked a simple and nutritious meal, so nice to eat home cooked food.  Everything is near each other and we’ve left the pulses out as they tend to get forgotten, and we aren’t using the freezer, I am using it as an overflow for spare toiletries etc.  Both meals so far consisted of chickpeas or beans, stir fried vegetables, coconut milk, noodles and spices.  So simple, so nutritious and so tasty.
After dinner I went and sat outside on my own with a coffee, a cigarette and some biscuits.  Just sitting out on the deck, looking at the starry starry night, watching the brightly lit up windows of the trains going by, seeing the soft glow from our neighbours’ windows, the glow of solar lights dotted about on the bank, and the brighter glow of our own porthole near my seat.

I wish I could find the words to adequately describe how lovely it is here.  It feels surreal, unbelievable, like being in the middle of a dream coming true.  Sensory overload, but in a good way.  And work receding, my old house forgotten, knowing that this will free up enormous areas of my brain, my energy reserves, my creative capacity….  But not there yet, in transition, of course we’re all always both in transition and there, it’s just that we’re not always aware of it.

It’s been a lot to take in, but it’s sharpened my awareness.  There’s no model for this, other than a few days spent on my husband’s boat early in our relationship.  Certainly no model for leaving my career, leaving my house, buying and moving onto a boat whilst simultaneously preparing to go to India and travelling for a year.

We’re doing okay, doing stuff, being in close quarters, being a team.  Last night in bed I thought, wow, we’ve had nearly ten years together.  If I’d thought we’d have had that at the beginning, would I have made sure that we’d done more, had more adventures?  We didn’t do much until last year, well not much that others could see anyway.  But we’re doing it now, we’re making the most of every minute, every day, every week, month and year….

My 17 year old gypsy caravan dwelling self, and my ten years ago newly in love, newly awakening self would wholeheartedly approve, I’m sure, even if they might have said, what took you so long?


Yoga, cramped but managed, double futon in living space too big, plan to get two smaller ones.  Every stretch just felt amazing.  New slippers, £2.50 from charity shop, black, fluffy inside, faux suede booties, I love them so much.  Having given up after looking in Next, Fatface etc and not finding any non animal ones, I found these.

Amongst the big stuff, I’m still noticing the small, noticing, loving and appreciating.  Oh, and medium sized things- today I fed a teenage swan out of my hand.  I know we will get woken up early if I start feeding them, they may take to knocking on the sides of the boat at 5am but that’s a price worth paying.  They can be cat substitutes.  Maybe I will learn to tell them apart and give them names.

Btw if anyone reading this knows about birds, what should I feed the swans and ducks?  I understand bread is not that great even though they like it.

Thank you for reading.



This is us in Norwich Travelodge.  Anyone familiar with Travelodge will recognise the picture above the bed as they seem to have the same one in all the rooms.

We checked out today after five nights.  We got most things done and everything else can wait.  As well as cancelling stuff to do with the old house, we did stuff for the trip including applying for our visas for India and booking some accommodation in Thailand.   Also, registering, insuring and licensing our… BOAT!

I have been a bit quiet about this because up until today I hadn’t told my mum.  I know, pathetic.  I almost didn’t mention this here because I thought it might dismay the younger people that someone can be forty-seven years old and still be scared of their mum.

But then I remembered, I am not a role model and we all help each other here, regardless of age.  I soak up so much wisdom from Smut. and Self-Esteem and she is twenty-two, I think.

But mainly, I have promised to be honest here and this was a big thing that was going on for me.   Last night I was awake a lot and anxious and as Smut…  wrote about in her last post, I just laid with it.  That helped a lot.

Anyway, my mum was fine about it and so all my anxiety was lifted clean away.

Wow, I can’t believe how this feels, to not have anything to worry about or feel guilty about, I said afterwards.  I had set my intention that after I would go to the pub, sit in the garden and have a cigarette.  Which I did, but even better, outside the pub I met my lovely friend who I shall call Jessica Rabbit, and she came too.

Mind you, the stress of the last few days has taken its toll, I struggled with basic tasks such as working out how an ashtray works.  I am not really fit for company.

And then my husband drove us to the boat, and here we are.

Of course we still have too much stuff. We only need four of anything as no more people could fit on.  Already I have abandoned the idea of wine glasses.  Tomorrow we will put things away and I want to allocate clothes space then we can’t go over our allotted space.  That really appeals to me.  I still have warm clothes, of course, and India clothes that wouldn’t fit in the rucksack.   We don’t look like minimalists right now, but I do feel a bit back to nature already.

Thank you for reading

Rachel xxx







Liebster Award


Thank you to Educated Unemployed Indian for nominating me.  His blog is friendly, welcoming, honest, positive and beautifully laid out with great artwork.  He is also really supportive of other bloggers.

What is the Liebster Award? 

Liebster award is an award recognizing and admiring bloggers by bloggers.  It is is a fun way of discovering new blogs.


TO ACCEPT IT, or you choose to start a blog post about the Liebster award; you should do the following:

Thank the person who nominated you, and put a link to their blog on your blog.  Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.  They will thank you for it and those who you nominate will also help you out as well.

Answer the questions the person who nominated you asked.

Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting.

Provide 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel would enjoy blogging about this award.

Ask your own set of questions for your nominees.

List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here or simply link to this post.)

Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award (just put it in a comment on any of their posts) and provide a link for them to your post.


My answers

What makes me passionate about blog posting

It is a way for me to process what is going on for me and to share this honestly with others.  It helps me to understand myself and hopefully helps others by showing my inside workings.  I love writing my posts.  Also the WordPress community is so lovely and this has been such a joy to discover!

Q & As

1. How did you find the idea of starting your blog?
It started off as a more enjoyable writing activity than writing books, then it became my main writing activity.  It became a habit, then an addiction!
2. If God would grant you a wish, what would you wish for?
Strength. More strength, please.
3. What kind of content do you enjoy writing the most? Articles, poetry, short story, daily life, journal, etc.
Daily life/journal.  However, I also enjoy writing articles and like writing to a brief.
4. We all get angry sometimes, what angers you the most in your day to day life?
I have just come back from walking through Norwich in England city centre at 8pm.  There are more homeless people than I have ever seen here before.  This is an affluent city.  Why don’t the City Council ensure everyone has shelter?  How can they be in charge and let people sleep outside in freezing conditions?  It is so very sad, and yes, makes me angry.
5. Three facts about your favorite book.
We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver
You will need tissues
And more tissues
And still more tissues
6. Describe one of your brilliant ideas or your eureka moment or something that you are most proud of.
Back in April my husband and I realised that if we were prepared to be really brave, we could sell up, leave everything and everyone and go travelling.  We both had a sheet of electricity go through our bodies at the same time.  I can still remember exactly where we were standing.
7. One word that explains your true self.
Mysterious, even to me.
8. Three things you can’t live without in life.
Body Shop hemp hand cream, vaseline and tissues.
9. Your idea of a perfect day- indoors or outdoors?
Both.  Outside, a walk, some yoga and then some writing.  Plus time for kind of doing nothing/thinking, with no pressure.
10. Imagine you have a pet if you don’t have one and one day your pet learned to talk. What would be the first thing according to you your pet will say?
I hope they would say they loved me and that I was a good ‘owner’

Ten random facts about me

My real name is Rachel Ann Hill (nee Doran)

I call it being safety conscious but most people would probably say I have mild-moderate OCD

When I was eleven years old I read an anti war poem I wrote at a CND rally and was on the BBC 9 o’clock news

My best friend at school was a bicycle which I pretended was a horse  called Gibraltar

I used to be addicted to Hollyoaks, it was the last show I gave up before-

-I gave up tv altogether nine years ago

I am mentioned in a book about the Manic Street Preachers (‘two groupies who looked like the girls out of Shampoo’)

I used to write women’s erotica until I met my husband and just stopped

I like Redbush tea- bringing me a mug of this first thing in the morning will get you a lot of points

I do not have a smart phone

I nominate the following blogs for the award

Behcets and Borderline

Smut. and Self-Esteem

The Wallflower in Wonderland

Matt’s Views

This Beautiful Life

Carry on Beautiful

My questions for the nominees

1.  What is your rule or guiding principle that you follow with regard to your blog?

2.  And with regard to your life?

3.  What makes you happy?

4.  Describe one of your brilliant ideas or your eureka moment or something that you are most proud of.

5.  One word that explains your true self

6.  What song are you currently listening to over and over again?

7.  What do you do to get yourself all set up and in the mood for writing?

8.  What is your biggest obstacle that gets in the way of your writing?

9.  What is your favourite film, and why?

10.  Can you recommend a Netflix show that people may not yet have discovered?


Thank you for reading xx


The edge of the world


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20180302_160445On Thursday we packed and cleaned up the house, dropped the keys into the estate agents and drove to our hotel in Norwich.  Except that it wasn’t quite as simple as that.  Snowdrifts had blocked roads and we had to try several different routes and go on many detours to finally make it in.  What is normally a forty-five minute journey took almost three hours.  Kind people wrapped up in balaclavas standing out in blizzard conditions guided us, people in four by fours led the way in case we needed help, and despite a very scary journey on snow-covered roads in the middle of nowhere in an old overloaded but ultimately trusty Peugeot, we got there.

So moving day was harder than I had anticipated.  Being at the Travelodge also wasn’t quite as relaxing as I had imagined.  Too tired to celebrate, all I wanted to do was sleep.  The last-minute shopping wasn’t much fun in the freezing wind and on ice-covered pavements.  Our to do list suddenly seemed very long and we were overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ (despite all the decluttering, and all my fantasies about just walking away with a rucksack each, we actually ended up with about three carloads of stuff).

But today feels better.  My husband has sorted out our stuff so our hotel room and car look a lot better.  We have practiced packing our rucksacks for India and that feels good.  I have had the energy to make phone calls and answer texts today.  Tomorrow we will meet up with my son, as well as hopefully finish most of the jobs on our to do list.

Thank you for all your support.  This part of the journey is harder than I thought it would be.  Moving house is stressful, I knew that, but I think I forgot about the emotional impact.  I felt really stressed on moving day, and yesterday.  But that’s okay…  I’m still here, and so are you.


The view from the hotel yesterday


My freshly made final cover up tattoo.  I had it done on Friday morning (this was booked ages ago, and not meant to be the day after moving  day, but it’s good to have it done!).


Thank you very much for reading

Rachel xxx

Escape The Matrix Part 3


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This weekend I have been pondering the balance between personal responsibility and ‘the matrix’.  It is for us as individuals to keep our emotions in check, manage our thoughts, and stay positive.  This helps us create our reality.  At the same time, there is stuff happening all the time around us.  This could be things that might affect us in different ways, which we need to manage and also includes opportunities being thrown our way.  So people describe this as like learning how to ride two horses, one being fate, the other being free will.  Then you’ve got people like Richard Branson, who appear to have boundless confidence and seem to see how everything works and ‘play’ ‘the matrix’ to their own advantage.

For me initially it began with realising (mentally) what I had, and what I could do, and then realising (as in making real, putting into practice) that.

I had anticipated that as I took the big steps of leaving work and selling the house I might be ‘rewarded’ with a burst of creative energy and opportunities.  So far that has meant that I have experienced a kind of further expansion of my mind.  I pictured myself looking back and reviewing this life amongst others and saying, Hey, remember that time when we sold our house and packed in our jobs and went off to India?

But as if that isn’t exciting enough, my mind has begun to come up with even more crazy ideas and possibilities, as if there’s this sense that this is it, this is your last time around, if there’s anything else at all you might want to do, best do it in this lifetime.   Watching BoJack, I thought, hey, maybe it would be fun to go to Hollywood, maybe it’s kind of like somewhere to go for creative people who don’t fit in where they come from, like art school.  To wander around, immune to the pressures of youth and thinness.  How and why would we be there?  Write a book, ‘Our Guide to Escaping the Matrix’ (just us, telling our story), find our very own Princess Carolyn (BoJack’s agent) and have our story made into a film starring George Clooney and Kate Winslet.  It’s important to write things down, to spell them out, however crazy they may sound.

Anyway, to return to my point, if ‘the matrix’ is just a reflection of us and not a thing of itself, then maybe all you have to really do is the self management bit, not concerning yourself with the matrix at all, and everything will just happen.  Is that an invitation to limitless self belief or a cop out excuse to do nothing?  (But we’d still need to actually write the book)  (and we need money/an income stream- we do need to eat after all- and you have to spend your days doing something)

Back to Richard Branson.  Maybe if you have a really strong sense of self you just know what to do.  You don’t have to learn how to read the signs or think about timing.  You just know, and whenever you decide to do it, that’s the right time.

What I’ve been watching:

Films:  The Fifth Element

The costumes are designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.  They are all amazing but it got me thinking that if you have hands and fingers and you want to learn you could sew and make costumes.  If you are interested in something, if you follow that interest, with dedication and devotion, then with practice you will get good at it.


This is such an interesting portrayal of creativity, particularly group creativity, as it follows a band making an album.  In the woods, for about a year, with loads of craziness.  It makes you realise how hard it is- by that I mean how much dedication it takes, and how it takes time and practice to become good at playing instruments and writing songs.  It takes dedication, time and practice, and of course you need to be interested and want to do it, or why would you be there in the woods for a year otherwise, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  It shows you how it is done and what it takes.  I found that to be encouraging rather than off putting, although I am glad I am not involved in a group activity like a band, I prefer the solitary creative practice of writing.

Netflix shows:  The end of the f***ing world

Two young people.  Such good acting and really well done.

BoJack Horseman

What I’ve been listening to:

In a stunning example of awesome timing, my husband bought this CD in a charity shop for 25p, put it on the iPod and gave me the CD to play in the car.  I put it on for the first time as I left work for the last time.  Tracks 1 and 3 did give me goosebumps.




My name is Rachel.

Welcome to my blog.

This is where I reveal my true thoughts and feelings.  This is a kind of coming out, to borrow words from a friend.

I live with my husband.

We have got rid of most of our possessions, sold the house and are getting ready to go travelling in South East Asia.

I will almost definitely write about places I visit and put pictures up.

But I will also just keep on writing, about everything.

I’m more art than science; for me it’s about the experience rather than the thing itself.  It’s not about the travelling per se, rather the effect it has on me.

I have given up my job and my previous career.  I am relearning that I can now swear, say whatever I want, and be myself at all times.  Today was day one.  As Buffy says:  Gets easier, takes practice.

Thank you very much for reading

Books and stories by me

How to Find Heaven on Earth: love, spirituality and everyday life   The story of my ‘spiritual awakening’ available as paperback or ebook on amazon

Call off the Search: how I stopped seeking and found peace My second ‘spiritual journey’ book, published chapter by chapter on this blog beginning on 8th July 2017

So simple, so amazing: a journey into awareness My third bookpublished chapter by chapter on this blog, beginning on 17th July 2017

Short stories in women’s erotica anthologies available on Amazon

Make it Happy a short book about long term relationships available on Amazon

Self help for the suicidal, a workbook for people struggling with suicidal thoughts available on Amazon

Not what you have let go of… What you are left with




It’s not about what you’ve lost…

I think minimalism is misunderstood, or at least what I mean by minimalism.  It is sometimes portrayed as a harsh ascetic, a kind of magazine lifestyle to try on for appearances, rather than part of an internal process of peeling away the layers of the onion to discover who you really are…

I feel anything but harsh about my remaining possessions.  I feel really warm towards this chair which at the last minute I have decided to keep.  Previously it was stuck in the corner of the dining room, the door used to bash into it.  It used to belong to my grandmother, when I was a little girl I used to think that the ‘buttons’ on it did the doorbell.  It took me years to realise that couldn’t have been true.  Even now I wonder if someone somehow hooked it up to the door bell but no, it was just my imagination.


What’s left……

The little mother of pearl inlaid octagonal table (which belonged to my great grandmother and which I coveted as a child and gave to my son), has pinged back to me, and I am pleased.

Three plastic boxes of what I call ‘family heirlooms:’ cuddly toys that were mine or my son’s, children’s books, folders of his childhood drawings and school books.

One A4 box file of personal items of mine: photos of me with different hair and clothes, photocopied poems and favourite pages of books, a print out of a page on ‘love and spirituality;’ I turned to Google when I couldn’t understand what was happening when I met my husband.  The strange pain in my chest, the way the sky split open…  

Camping stuff, which can be left in my car.  My husband’s bicycle.  Bedding.  All to be left at my mum’s.  (At last, I have a functional amount of decent bedding and towels, rather than two linen chests’ worth of mainly scratchy old towels, saving the nice ones for guests or best or some kind of treat day that never came.)

Snow boots, Wellington boots.  A few basic kitchen items.  A box of tools.

A small box of joint personal items; a framed picture of the Goddess Lakshmi, a few ornaments and a few books.

A backpack each, from the India drawer; probably can’t take it all, haven’t practiced packing yet.

It’s not Stuff that shows what you’ve done with your life, it’s your Life.

We really are moving.  In England the system is that even though the person has offered to buy your house and you accepted their offer, you can’t feel safe until contracts have been exchanged.  (The buyer has to put up 10% at this time and would lose the money if they pulled out.)  However, this can take weeks, and means a lot of hanging by the phone.  Our contracts were meant to exchange at the end of last week, then it was meant to be Monday of this week, which was the week I was leaving work.  The thought of having to come back with my tail between my legs was, well….  ‘Exchange’ happened on Tuesday, just in time.  It felt something like this:


The other evening I went round my son’s and we were chatting, about Elon Musk, Jim Carey and about how nice Keanu Reeves is, link provided there, just in case I am not the only one who didn’t know.


I have set up an Instagram account for when we are travelling followingthebrownrabbit


Thank you very much for reading