Tabula Rasa

We didn’t ‘forget’, we chose to come down as babies, our minds a blank slate (tabula rasa), with the information stored deep inside, inaccessible until we got older and became conscious.  Maybe previous rounds were so easy that we got out too early and didn’t get to experience a whole life, as at five years old we realised who we were and said okay beam me up and the sky split open and we went back, or whatever it is that happens.

This life time, this world, being given senses, and beginning with the experience of birth, such a huge physical experience, and then all the different sights, sensations, all the different foods…  So that we became embedded into the physical world, and thought that it was real.

And so we explored various different explanations, all rooted in the physical world.  Science, slowly, bit by bit, gave us explanations and we believed them.  (If it was all presented from scratch now, in one go, we’d never believe it.  What, all this, came from a rock/dust?!  We came from monkeys???!!!)

Religion:  We thought it was someone more powerful than us because in this physical world we aren’t very powerful.  Compared to the sun, or nature, we aren’t very strong; we can’t pick up boulders.  And because we’re so wedded to the physical, via our built in senses, we measure the power of things by their physical properties and so quite understandably don’t jump to the conclusion that we are the powerful creators.

But once you realise it’s a mind game, and that you and only you can know and control your own mind, then it’s a different story.  Then you realise, of course:  I am the most powerful force in this universe.


Walking through the little town where I live this evening, looking at all the houses, all the rooms, all the books on the bookshelves, the level of detail, like Sims…  Impossible to make all that, it’s got to be invented out of consciousness, made in our imagination not built physically.

I don’t believe books are really made in factories like we are told.  If that were true that’s all we’d be doing (and there’s not as many people as we’re told* and most of them aren’t real and can’t actually make stuff).  John, not quite with me said, but factories exist, I’ve worked in one.  Me:  it only existed while you worked in it.  And as for the so called miracle of chance of the sun being exactly the right distance from the earth for life, and plants, and plants growing and we eat them; it’s all just a story, detail written in.  You could probably get to the point where you didn’t need to eat, after all we aren’t real, none of this is real, it’s a dream, and you don’t need to eat in a dream do you?


I still needed to paint the kitchen though, I never worked out how to get around that.  But even that was all a mind game really.  A couple of times I felt almost defeated by it:  the thirty years of grease to wash off, the endless little bits that needed filling, almost forgetting about behind the washing machine and under the cupboards, coming home tired after work and having to paint.  But pushing on through to the other side is as much about following through on the practical tasks that need doing as it is about setting my intention and opening my mind to alternative possibilities; they are two sides of the same coin, one supports the other.


*My current reckoning is that the real population is actually 10-30% of the figures we are told, and that history is around 700 years old, but like all my beliefs, I am open to this changing.