Not just a travel blog.  Can get quite personal.  You have been warned!


My name is Rachel.

Welcome to my blog.

This is where I reveal my true thoughts and feelings.  This is a kind of coming out, to borrow words from a friend.

I live with my husband.

We have got rid of most of our possessions, sold the house and are getting ready to go travelling in South East Asia.

I will almost definitely write about places I visit and put pictures up.

But I will also just keep on writing, about everything.

I’m more art than science; for me it’s about the experience rather than the thing itself.  It’s not about the travelling per se, rather the effect it has on me.

I have given up my job and my previous career.  I am relearning that I can now swear, say whatever I want, and be myself at all times.  Today was day one.  As Buffy says:  Gets easier, takes practice.


Thank you very much for reading


Books and stories by me

How to Find Heaven on Earth: love, spirituality and everyday life   The story of my ‘spiritual awakening’ available as paperback or ebook on amazon

Call off the Search: how I stopped seeking and found peace My second ‘spiritual journey’ book, published chapter by chapter on this blog beginning on 8th July 2017

So simple, so amazing: a journey into awareness My third bookpublished chapter by chapter on this blog, beginning on 17th July 2017

Short stories in women’s erotica anthologies available on Amazon

Make it Happy a short book about long term relationships available on Amazon

Self help for the suicidal, a workbook for people struggling with suicidal thoughts available on Amazon

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